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Amorpha Youth Foundation and Arhis Gallery present:

Storytelling: World Stories & News

In a fresh take on storytelling, we bring you around the world to hear and discuss present-day and past stories defining societies as they are and as we properly get to know them.
Let’s listen together to young people’s vivid accounts of the small, everyday stories which evolve to become the grand narratives of yesterday, today and tomorrow shaping their communities and cultures.

Speakers/Storytellers: (UK) Sarah Belabbes, (KR) Sung Joon Huh, (JP) Toshinori Mochizuki, (AO) Joelson Pinto
Moderator: Juel Maximiliano, Angola
Date: 29 March 2019, 19:00 – 20:30 h
Venue: Arhis Gallery 67 Knyaz Boris I Blvd. / Varna, Bulgaria
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Language: English
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Present-day stories:
1. United Kingdom — To Brexit or Not to Brexit: that is the question. Presented by Sarah Belabbes, student at Varna Medical University.
2. South Korea — Bigbang: scandals rock the K-pop world and go beyond the industry. Presented by Sung Joon Huh, student at Varna Medical University.
3. Japan — The Rise of the New Imperial Era. 1 April. Presented by Toshinori Mochizuki, student at Varna Medical University.
4. Angola — After the Oil Boom: Inequality in one of the world’s most expensive capitals. Presented by Joelson Pinto, student at Varna Naval Academy.

Join the talk. Meet the speakers. Ask questions. Share opinions.
Come face-to-face with the issues.
Learn more about the World from first-hand experiences.


*Image: includes international logo of World Storytelling Day
**Cover image: Artem Bali on Unsplash