Breakwater Talks black q2

Breakwater Talks black q2
Breakwater Talks – Discussion series in diverse languages, topics and venues
(ONGOING since December 2016)
Breakwater Talks Design
Breakwater Talks : Design – A subseries dedicated to vision and the capacity to create new content and form. Associated fields range from architecture to psychology, from contemporary dance to contemporary visual art. Moderated and made intriguingly interdisciplinary by fashion designer Yordan Mihalev, schooled in Bulgaria, Belgium, France.
(ONGOING since 2018)


Breakwater Talks Literature in colourBreakwater Literature: Svenska Chilena Colombiana – Literatures in the World in their cultural and language context (Ongoing since 2017)
Breakwater Talks at School 2 colourBreakwater Talks at School
(Ongoing since 2017)


World Stories & Interviews

Breakwater Talks InstaLive2021


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