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We are launching 2023 public activities with a new undertaking in our much loved Amorpha Academy space in the centre of Varna. Following a series of breath-takingly enjoyable while orgaisationally demanding cultural events in Varna, Sofia and the village of Nikolaevka planned and implemented at the end of 2022 by young academy trainees, we remain strongly dedicated to keeping our newly created space for culture and training. To broaden our scope, we have invited a long-term collaborator of the foundation and local independent media creator, journalist and book author Elena Vladova.


THE COMICS ATELIER provides training in comics plot development, creative content writing, visual structure and textual components in small groups of 6 participants. If you enjoy writing, drawing or both, if you’re a comics fan, the atelier experience will be the best creative formula for your free time!
SIGN UP BY 27 January!




You will receive training from Ms Elena Vladova, experience journalist, writer, Frech translator and teacher, certified Montessori pedagogue.
Elena Vladova has specialised comics in the Comics Writer course by the Distance Learning Centre in Brussels, Belgium, part of the Ondernemersschool, the Netherlands. Elena is a comics translator for the French association „Savoir sans frontières“. Three short stories from her books have been adapted into comics books.
Elena initiated a comics club at Varna Regional Library and worked with young people as their tutor from 2020 to 2022. In its first year, the club received recognition from ProCulture national award for enhancing young people’s access to culture.
Elena Vladova has recieved national awards for journalism in the field of culture. She has authored several books, including children’s literature, as well as plays for children some of which hava been staged the State Puppet Theatre in Varna. Elena is the founder and editor-in-chief of online media platform Urban Mag.



Amorpha Academy’s space for culture and training is located in Varna city centre at Advokatskata Gradinka city park.
10 Dragan Tsankov Street, entrance from 24 Sheinovo Street




The ateliers are organised in small groups of 6 participants and for two age groups:
– young people between 12 and 15 years
5 meetings – fee 70 leva, meets once a week
– young people between 16 and 19 years
12 meetigs, meets twice a week, fee 168 leva, including a final exhibition with participants’ work created during the course and optional leaflet publication with participant works
5 meetings – fee 70 leva, meets once a week).


Meeting duration: 1 h (60 minutes).
The fee includes basic working materials – paper and pencil.
Participants can bring their own art materials, including laptop or tablet for digital work.

The atelier will take place between 1 February and 5 March 2023.
Sign up on the trainer’s webpage by 27 january. In case of public health risks, atelier meeting may switch to online format.
Follow the atelier’s facebook event for regular updates.



*The foundation receives contribution from fees collected independetly by the trainer and utilises them to maintain the space.


Cover image: Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash


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