Breakwater Talks at School: How to be Charitable? Charity, Human rights, Community work

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How do we choose the charity campaigns which suit us best? What is our personal motivation to donate?

On 12 December 2019, Breakwater Talks at School – Amorpha’s discussion series with students – introduced our young friends at LFI Varna, the International French College in Varna, and their teacher Victoria Moneva to our guest speaker Ivelina Miteva, founder of the newly launched charity platform Ivelina is also a content writer at the local office of an international IT company and a young person who has been acting as informal corporate social responsibility advisor at the company.


Education funding for young people, skill training for children with disabilities, food for the poor or planting trees for clean air? How to select the charity campaigns that suit us best? Ivelina shared her experience on how to choose wisely and the current national trends in donorship. The students joined a charity simulation and allocated the amounts they thought fit to the charity causes of their choice.

We addressed more complex and longer-term initiatives in the community which are less favoured by local charity culture as their campaigns do not exploit the emotional reaction of donating to a case of emergency or suffering.


During the discussion we also talked human rights and how we addressed discrimination preventively and positively in Amorpha/LFI joint intercultural education project, Multicultural City. For four years the project addressed long-term issues associated with negative cultural, racial, gender and economic stereotypes by approaching them preventively in a positive way by means of friendly communication with internationals, personal and family stories, cultural exploration and culinary adventures, while cooking alongside our international guests the favourite dishes from their national cuisines.


This edition of Breakwater Talks at School celebrates Human Rights Day, 10 December. The talk is among Amorpha’s events in line with this year’s theme “Transforming Education” outlined by the United Nations for 2019 International Youth Day, 12 August.

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