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Amorpha Youth Foundation and contemporary space present Breakwater Talks: English

TOPIC: Financial Markets and Decisions under Uncertainty: Stock Prices, Art and Bitcoin

Guest speaker: Daniel Dimitrov, PhD candidate, University of Amsterdam (Bulgaria / Netherlands)
Moderator: Juel Maximiliano, Naval Academy Varna (Angola / Bulgaria)
Date: 6 March 2019, 19:00 – 20:30 h
Venue: contemporary space – 23 Marko Balabanov Street, Varna, Bulgaria
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There is a cloud of ambiguity surrounding the world of financial markets and we will try to raise the curtain on this exciting area of modern life. Decisions to save inevitably exploit the powers of financial markets – from “risk-free” deposits, to investments in stocks or bonds to alternative investments in art, land, real estate, and to the pricing bubble territory of bitcoin.
We will look at the what science can teach us about investing and human behavior. We will revisit some of the milestones of contemporary financial economics and the people who developed it into the science that it is with its unique blend of mathematics, psychology and economics.

○ What is rationality and are people rational in their decision?
○ How do we think about risk and how do we make decision under uncertainty?
○ Are human decisions predictable and is there a mathematical structure in their craziness? Can we make predictions?
○ When is the market “right”?
○ What is the academic advice on investing?


The guest speaker:
Daniel Dimitrov is a recent convert to the academia as a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam after working in the FinTech industry for ten years. He holds degrees in Finance and in Econometrics and has completed the CFA charter. His interests lie in the overlap of finance, statistics, asset pricing and macroeconomics and his current research project deals with market liquidity and procyclicality in the over-the-counter markets.

The moderator:
Born in Angola, Juel Anderson da Silva Maximiliano is a former IT student in his home country and now a student at Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy in Varna, Bulgaria. While in Angola, he volunteered for the Social Support Fund, where he participated in projects of vocational training. Currently, he is interested in social interactions, politics and all the things that have direct effect on society, hoping that he will be able to help trigger change for the future generations.


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Breakwater Talks are public talks on a variety of topics by local and foreign presenters. We are aiming to create a healthy discussion forum, exchange opinions, gain knowledge in a variety of professional areas and fields of interest, discover cultures, involve foreign diaspora, reach out to interesting speakers accross the world, help improve fluency in a range of key languages especially by young people. We have selected as venues the local spaces which these languages and their cultures inhabit. Organised by Amorpha Youth Foundation and partners.

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