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Amorpha Youth Foundation and Arhis Gallery present:
Breakwater Talks : English


Guest speaker: Ionut Koshin, Zen master and university lecturer in Architecture (PhD)
Language: English
Date: 11 July 2019, 20:00 – 21:30 h
Venue: Arhis Gallery 67 Knyaz Boris I Blvd. / Varna, Bulgaria
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This talk is a rare opportunity to explore with expertise the cross-section of Zen Buddhism and Architecture. Shared concepts of void and space determine both the theoretical and practical implicatioins of this exciting encounter between one of the most popular philosophies/practices and a major professional field defining the space we inhabit.
As a zen master and a university professor in architecture, our guest speaker, Ionut Koshin, will direct us in this seemingly complex topic with his practical approah, professional expertise and personal experience as a meeting point of these two fields.

○ Zen: practice of simplicity
○ Zen and space/place: „mentated space /bodily space“, „space as separation / space as connection“, „the limits of space“, „containing space / mutually-created space“, „smooth space /
folded space“, „unfolding the space“
○ Where Zen and Architecture meet: ma-space, kekkai (making a boundary)

Ionut Koshin began practising Zen with Master Yvon Myoken Bec in 2000 and received Shiho (official Dharma transmission) from him in 2016. For many years he served as shissui (responsible monk for building and maintenance) within the Mokusho Zen House, helping to build and extend several temples in Europe and South America. He is currently the resident teacher of Mokushozen Temple in Bucharest and travels throughout Europe to teach in other Zen centers.
He is a University Lecturer and holds a PhD in Architecture.

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