ATOM Theatre – Sofia, Bulgaria

Destructive Creations – Sofia, Bulgaria

Transformatori Association – Sofia, Bulgaria

Me Click – Burgas, Bulgaria

Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds – Bulgaria

Union of Young Writers – Varna, Bulgaria

Writers’ Association in Varna, Bulgaria

Videoholica Association – Varna, Bulgaria

Raya Georgieva Foundation – Varna, Bulgaria

Greenpeace – Bulgaria – Sofia

Internationale Elias Canetti Gesellschaft – Ruse, Bulgaria

Grupul Quantic – Bucharest, Romania

Soukmachines Collectif – Paris, France



Na Tamno Stores – Bulgaria

Montana – Spain

Lorka – Bulgaria

Planex – Bulgaria

Conzap – Bulgaria



Varna Municipality

Varna City Gallery

Central Railway Station – Varna, Bulgaria

National Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium “Nicolaus Copernicus” – Varna, Bulgaria

Port Varna – Bulgaria

French Institute in Bulgaria

Francophone Centre – Varna, Bulgaria



University of Economics Varna, Bulgaria

Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria

Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria

Varna Free University, Bulgaria

Literary Club at the University of Economics Varna, Bulgaria

Student Club of Robotics and Mechatronics at Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria



I Language School (English and German) – Varna, Bulgaria

IV Language School “Frédéric Joliot-Curie” (French and Spanish) – Varna, Bulgaria

National High-School of Humanities and the Arts “Konstantin Preslavski” – Varna, Bulgaria

Secondary School “Sv. Kliment Ohridski” – Varna, Bulgaria

School for Children with Special Intellectual Needs “Bratya Miladinovi” – Varna, Bulgaria

Varna High-School of Commerce “G. S. Rakovski” – Varna, Bulgaria

EFIV International French School – Varna, Bulgaria

SVIC “Doctor Ivan Shishmanov” School for Visually Impaired Children in Varna, Bulgaria



Varna City Gallery

Arhis Gallery – Varna, Bulgaria

Catch 22 Bookshop (Paragraf 22) – Varna, Bulgaria

Shakespeare & Friends Bookshop – Varna, Bulgaria

Dada Cultural Bar – Sofia, Bulgaria

Ciela Bookshop – Varna, Bulgaria

Photosynthesis – Varna, Bulgaria

Catholic Chapel – Varna, Bulgaria

Contemporary Space – Varna, Bulgaria

Art Na Tamno Zona – Varna, Bulgaria

Kiflichka Café – Varna, Bulgaria

Mapache Café & Bakery – Varna, Bulgaria

My Café by Ani Boland

Little Sea Area near Shabla, Bulgaria



Europe Day – 5 May and 9 May – Council of Europe, European Union

International Youth Day – 12 August – UNESCO

Day of Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture and Slavonic Alphabet – 24 May

European Literature Night – May, second Wednesday of the month

International Observe the Moon Night – NASA, US – September/October

European Night of Museums and Galleries in Varna

European Night of Museums and Galleries in Plovdiv – September



Kite Festival Shabla – Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds

Roboday – Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria

Arctic Sunrise – Greenpeace Bulgaria

National Literacy Day Reading – Bulgarian National Television, Varna Regional Centre

National Sprite Graffiti Fest in Sofia – Na Tamno Stores, Bulgaria

Con.tempo, International contemporary art festival – Raya Georgieva Foundation, Bulgaria

European Literature Night – Czech Cultural Centre – Sofia, Francophone Centre – Varna

Menar Film Festival in Varna – Artin Vision, Varna, Bulgaria

Moceca Brazil – Cesar Pimentel



Sofia Sprite Graffiti Fest, Bulgaria

Grolsch Block Party, Sofia, Bulgaria