Breakwater Talks at School: Swedish & Suggestopedia, Discovering the World with Fun

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On 19 November 2019, Amorpha and Secondary School of Humanities and Arts in Varna, Bulgaria, organised the new school year’s first edition of Breakwater Talks at School – a discussion series introducing young people to interesting speakers and topics and taking place at the school. In the Rhetoric classes by our long-term collaborator Rositsa Todoriva, teacher in Philosophy, Cultural Studies and Rhetoric, we met for the first time the new year 11 students (classes a, b, d) and by the end of each class spoke and even sang together in Swedish, also for the first time.

Our speedy and inspiring success was all due to our guest speaker Pavlina Nikolova who joined the format for a second year to introduce more young people to our topic ‘Learning Swedish through Suggestopedia: Discovering the World with Fun’. Her engaging personal story and engaging role-play quickly had students fully engrossed in understanding a completely new language and appreciating its culture. Singing ‘Vem Vit’ and experiencing their ‘First lesson in Swedish through the teaching method of Suggestopedia’, the young people enjoyed their involvement wiht a new language and culture alongside understanding why this teaching method succeeded with them and experiencing self-discovery with joy at school.

The talk is among Amorpha’s events in line with this year’s theme “Transforming Education” outlined by the United Nations for 2019 International Youth Day, 12 August.

20180105_untitled_00230231-1024x682Photo: Victoria Stoeva Photography at Amorpha’s event „Breakwater Literature: Svensk litteratur“, 2018

Pavlina Nikolova is a practising Swedish suggestopedia tutor. She is a Scandinavian studies specialist and Sofia University graduate in Scandinavian Studies with Swedish and Danish, and a certified suggestopedia specialist by ‘Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov and Prof. Dr. Evelina Gateva Foundation’ (original developers of suggestopedia). Pavlina Nikolova is the founder and a suggestopedia teacher at Suggestopedi Svenska Language Centre in Varna, Bulgaria. She authored the first Textbook in Swedish through Suggestopedia for Bulgarians, edited by Swedish educators. In March 2018 she was invited by the Scandinavian Studies Department at Sofia University to present her work to other educators in the field during the official events celebrating the Department’s founding anniversary. Since 2017, Pavlina Nikolova has participated as guest speaker in several public events organised by Amorpha and addressing Scandinavian culture or Swedish language, literature and culture. As part of this collaboration, she met students and Secondary School of Humanities and Arts in Varna for the first time in the Breakwater Talks format in 2018/2019 school year. The successful encounter resulted in this year’s special invitation by the school for a new talk.














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