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Amorpha Youth Foundation and Contemporary Space present Breakwater Talks : Български Bulgarian

Topic: NASIMO, the Face of Bulgarian Graffiti Culture. Aesthetics of Life.
Guest speaker: Stanislav Trifonov – Nasimo, visual artist
Date: 4 July, 19:00 – 21:00 h
Venue: contemporary space – 23 Marko Balabanov Str, Varna / Bulgaria
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‘I am a free-spiritied painter and I love experimenting. I choose to do what I enjoy and I am honest in my work. My aim is not simply to create beautiful paintings but to always leave a special message through them.’ / Nasimo in an interview for the Bulgarian News Agency.

Twenty-five years after launching his career to become a prominent name in European graffiti culture, Stanislav Trifonov – Nasimo is among the best-loved living artists in Bulgaria. He holds the undoubted respect of his colleages on the graffiti scene and enjoys recognition by fellow artists from various creative fields due to the wide popularity of his artistic messages. Nasimo has received numerous invitations and painted in urban and other sites all over the world. In his professional field, he is famous for the powerful messages embodied in his work as well as for the unwavering life philosophy he projects into the aesthetics of his paintings.



○ Writing the history of Bulgarian and European graffiti
○ Fine art and murals in urban space. Challenging boundaries.
○ What is beautiful in life and in art: the link between a personal philosophy of life, creating art in the street and exhibiting at galleries

** We have invited NASIMO as guest speaker in the upcoming Breakwater Talks alongside his solo exhibition ‘Life is a Study’ and the launching of his signature book “25 Years of Nasimo:Sketchbook” at contemporary space, supported by Amorpha Youth Foundation Amorpha Youth Foundation and Kreo Kultura Foundation. **
Nasimo / Life is a Study & 25 Years of Nasimo:Sketchbook Relеаse


снимка Кирил Станоев

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