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7 September 2019, 19:00 h
Venue: The Center World, 4 Shipka Str

Korea Dance Marathon is a project which tours four cities of Bulgaria with leading dance troupes from the Republic of Korea. This tour includes several iconic cities in Bulgaria such as Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. Korea Dance Marathon is organized by Korea Dance Abroad and supported by Arts Council Korea. This tour is in cooperation with Amorpha Youth Foundation in Varna, Water Festival for Contemporary Arts Burgas, Sofia DNK and Night Plovdiv.

Runner’s High / Lee Jung In Creation / Choreography: Jung In Lee / 30 min
HUMAN – Pretense / BK Dance Company / Choreography: Bo Kyung Lee / 20 min
Dive / Dance Troupe Braveman / Choreography: Jaewoo Jung / 25 min

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*FREE ENTER / To book a seat, DM Amorpha Youth Foundation or email team@amorpha.org .

runner 2

Runner’s High / 5 Dancers / 30 min
Choreographer: Lee Jung In.
This is story about our life and journey.
The motivation for your sense of accomplishment and satisfaction exist within yourself, and winning and losing someone is not important.
Anyway, the end of way, there is no competitor nor competition
We just quietly run our way with thinking of the flowing river, the clouds in the sky, and enjoying our own void,
That is enough by itself.


Lee Jung In Creation
As a Korean dance artist based in Austria, choreographer Lee Jung In has collaborated with many choreographers and companies in Korea and across Europe; Korea National Contemporary Dance Company (Korea), Meredith Nadler Project (Germany-Israel), Javier Sanchez Project (Germany), A.S.A – Eastern European dance project (Budapest, Kaunas, Sofia), Cie Jolle Bouvier (France-Korea), Derida Dance (Bulgaria), Atom Theater (Bulgaria).
In Present, she is working with Redsapata- TanzFabrik, (Linz, Austria) as a cooperative artist and as an International Executive with Seoul International Choreography Festival of Korea to propose new artistic vision in globalization.
In the choreography way, she is focus to creates individual works which is closely related to sensitive movement under the awareness, immediate body reaction from emotion, and realistic dramaturg to wake our body and imagination.
She created an internationally performed solo-works and collaboration, also performance is on tour around of world in with success.


Bo Kyung Lee (1)

HUMAN – Pretense / Solo / 20 min
Life is short.
Worries, fears and regrets for our real happiness, or pretending that you are alright on the other’s gaze are all somewhere in the trivia.
Rejoice every single moment of life, so we can have happy smile, before death.


Bo Kyung Lee – Choreographer, Dancer, Artistic director of BK Dance Project. She received Ph.D. degree from the Department of Living Dance and Performing Arts of Hanyang University in Korea. She received the Presidential Prize at the 7th Nagano International Performance Competition, and the 1st award at International mature soloist contemporary dance contest (FIDCDMX) in Mexico. Since she moved to New York 2011, she founded her own company, BK dance project. BK Dance Project aims to transform people’s varied interests, experiences, and happenstance into an art form through the performer’s movements and emotion. The company draws on diverse influences and genre of art to better engage and enliven the audience. She has presented her works in multiple events including Korea Cultural Center and Bergen PAC Korea Dance Awakening (2014), Going Dutch Festival in Chicago (2015, 2016), 92Y Dig Dance Series Pan Asian Dance Festival(2017), SOAK 2018, Art all night in Washington, DC(2018) and Fukuoka Fringe Dance Festival (2019). She presented workshops in Rutgers University (2009) and Ithaca College (2011 and 2012), Queens Museum (2015) and taught a modern dance class as a lecturer in Ithaca College (2011).


Jaewoo Jung - Dive2

DIVE / 3 Dancers / 25 min
I was confused about what was really my identity.
One identity was the identity formed from unique me.
The other identity was identity formed by the expectation of others.
The conclusion is that both are me,
I have accepted that this is not a right and wrong problem.
Where can I show this to people?
How far can people accept?
It takes courage to show me what it is.
It is because my value can be distorted by the evaluation of others.
Nevertheless, the reason why I want to continue express myself to others is because I want to live an honest life.

Jaewoo Jung, the founder of this project, is known for his refined choreography that features youthfully vigorous, powerful, and energetic movements. This choreography has been presented in many festivals and productions including the 2017 Seoul International Choreography Festival (SCF), Uninhabited Island, the 2016 36th International Modern Dance Festival (MODAFE) Spark Place, A Desert Island, the 10th Seoul Dance Collection Connection 2016, Agit, the 18th Saeng-Saeng Dance Festival 2016, Fantasy, and more. Jung also dances with the internationally renowned Bereishit Dance Company based in Seoul, Korea.

Korea Dance Abroad is a non-profit organization founded by Sin Ae Park, that aims to support Korean dance artists while introducing them to international audiences. KDA has been presenting unique and outstanding dances across the world since 2014. KDA’s efforts to promote Korean dance are also enhanced through collaboration programs and cultural exchange activities.


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