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Amorpha Youth Foundation and Varna Games present
Breakwater Talks : Filipino & English


Topic: KULINARYA: An Intro to Filipino Food

Guest speaker: Kate Loyola, Philippines (live from Manila)
Date: 25/01/2019, Friday, 19:00 – 21:00 h
Venue: Varna Games – 10 Kotel Street, Varna Bulgaria

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Free Entry but bring birthday presents
Filipino Food Tasting possibly available

“What is Filipino food?
Browse the menu at a Filipino restaurant and you’ll find dishes carrying names from a hodgepodge of languages: local tongues, Spanish, Chinese, English.
Visit different regions and you’ll encounter drastically different culinary traditions.
Step into a Filipino home and you’ll see each person mixing up their meals with unique combinations of condiments.
So what flavors, what styles, what histories bring all these together to make a cuisine we can call distinctly Filipino? Join us as we dig in and try to find out.”

“Ano ang pagkaing Pilipino?
Pumunta ka sa mga kainan at ang madadatnan mo’y mga pagkaing pinangalanan ng samu’t saring dila: mga lokal na lengwahe, Espanyol, Intsik, Ingles.
Dumayo ka sa iba’t-ibang rehiyon at makakakita ka ng iba’t-ibang tradisyon at panlasa.
Bumisita ka sa tahanang Pilipino at ang bawat isa sa hapag kainan ay may sari-sariling sawsawan.
Anong mga lasa, istilo, at kasaysayan ang nagbibigkis ng lahat ng ito upang mabuo ang tinatawag nating pagkaing Pilipino? Halina’t subukan…”

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About the guest speaker:

Kate Loyola is an avid geek, comics studies scholar and food enthusiast. She studied comparative literature at the University of the Philippines, where she wrote an honors thesis on trauma and comics journalism. She currently works as a communications executive at a Manila-based consulting firm.

14039957_2105812472977148_4734445678530886618_nAbout Amorpha’s birthday:

Аморфа Amorpha Youth Group, the founding idea behind Amorpha Youth Foundation, got its official name on 25 January 2009 following a series of youth activities in the community designed and made happen by a small and cheerful team of young people who had met at one of the local high-schools in Varna, Bulgaria. The first set of events featured graffiti and illustration, underground music, street cutlure, youth subcultures, intercultural awareness and youth café (youth public talks).



Breakwater Talks: Български (Bulgarian) English Español Français Filipino 日本語 (Japanese) 한국어 (Korean) Português Русский (Russian) Svenska

Breakwater Talks are public talks on a variety of topics by local and foreign presenters. We are aiming to create a healthy discussion forum, exchange opinions, gain knowledge in a variety of professional areas and fields of interest, discover cultures, involve foreign diaspora, reach out to interesting speakers accross the world, help improve fluency in a range of key languages especially by young people. We have selected as venues the local spaces which these languages and their cultures inhabit. Organised by Amorpha Youth Foundation and partners.

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