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Our ambitious journey to discover various cultures is taking a culinary detour to East Asia. Welcome to the cultures and culinary traditions of China and South Korea!

When: 09 December 2018, Sunday – 13:00 – 16:00 h / see below for booking
Where: Korean Restaurant Kimbap – 28 Dragoman Street in Varna, Bulgaria

CHINESE cuisine – presented by young Shi Lei (China), student at Varna Free University, Bulgaria
KOREAN cuisine – presented by Nadia Tsaneva, owner of Korean Restaurant Kimbap, supported by Anita Batchvarova, Kyung Hee University (South Korea) graduate

Event languages: Bulgarian and English. Q&A also available in Mandarin/Wu Chinese and Korean.




Jjajangmyeon – the Korean interpretation of an original Chinese recipe – will serve as one of the culinary bridges we will walk during the cooking battle between these two major cusines. To prepare Chinese Jiaozi, we will divide tasks among all participants to feel the family atmosphere of cooking together a key dish for Chinese New Year.  Our hosts in the culinary battle will be fighting to win over the hearts and senses of the participants by cooking off to achieve the right combination of tastes and flavours. We expect that everyone will complete the event knowing more about Chinese and Korean cultures, the key similarities and differences of their culinary traditions with their exchanged influences and steady distinct features. Participants will carry the memory of the authentic dishes, recipes, and the skills to prepare them at home.

Imagine a family atmosphere in which we cook together and talk about:
⪧ The contribution of Chinese cuisine to the development of Korean cuisine
⪧ Distinct features of Chinise Hu Cai 沪菜, Shanghai’s “Hu” cuisine
⪧ What is Korean Chinese Cuisine, main dishes and flavours
⪧ Typical ingredients and recipes for the two cuisines, Chinese and Korean
⪧ Special cooking techniques, equipment, and cooking tips
⪧ Some essential cooking vocabulary in Mandarin/Wu Chinese and Korean
⪧ The most popular and frequently cooked home dishes in the two cuisines which we will be preparing during the cookoff



Cook and taste the following dishes at the event:

①  Egg Soup 鸡蛋羹 Ji Dan Geng – China
②  Noodles in Black Bean Sauce 짜장면 Jjajangmyeon – South Korea
③  Tomato and Egg Stir-Fry 西 红柿炒鸡蛋 Xi Hong Shi Chao Ji Dan – China
④  Soybean Paste Stew 된장찌개 Doenjang-jjigae – South Korea
⑤  Coca-Cola Chicken Wings 可乐鸡翅 Кě lè jī Chì – China
⑥  Sweet Pumpkin Pancake 단호박전 Danhobakjeon
 Dumplings 餃子 Jiaozi / 素餃 Shui Jiao (with minced pork meat or vegetable filling) – China
 Lemon and Honey Tea 蜂蜜柚子茶 Fong Mi Yuzu Cha – China

All products and necessary equipment provided by the organisers.
PARTICIPATION FEE: 25.00 lv / high-school and university students 20.00 lv
Limited number of participants: 12
Booking by 1 December 2018 at Korean Restaurant Kimbap.

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