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Amorpha Youth Foundation in collaboration with Kreo Kultura Foundation and Contemporary Space present Live Drawing & Music experience and talk:

18:00 – 19:30 h
Breakwater Talks: Português English Български
Topic: Live drawing and music improvisation
Guest speakers: Vitor Ferreira / Portugal, Miroslav Sakazov Mad Bear / Bulgaria
Moderator: César Pimentel / Brazil
Languages: Portuguese, English, Bulgarian
Free Enter

21:00 – 24:00 h
LIVE DRAWING & MUSIC by Vitor Ferreira (PT) & Mad Bear (BG)
Enter 5 lv

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VITOR FERREIRA is an illustrator from Porto, Portugal. He studied graphic design but drawing was always his passion, so he ended up becoming an illustrator. At the same time, graphic design opened up a world of new media and digital tools that really interested him, so he started to focus on digital drawing. His live drawing experience began when he got invited to draw live at the concerts of a famous rap singer in Portugal, with who he has since toured for 3 years. Currently, he enjoys the live drawing shows and animating where the real highlight is the process and not so much the final artwork.

MAD BEAR, a.k.a. Miroslav Sakazov, is musician, producer and DJ born in Varna, Bulgaria. Having background being singer/guitarist in a band and also playing drums, bass and percussions, he gained popularity after releasing an album back in ’99 using the name 54EW@ for his project, which saw him opening for Tranceglobal Underground and Fun-Da-Mental along many appearances around the country. Members from his band Puzzle often joined for live performances, blending heavy breaks with funk and grooves. Long and boring winter was the cause MAD BEAR was introduced to turntables, addiction he developed quite fast. Soon he established his name as a DJ, while trying to squeeze all the music he loves in trademark live sets.

CÉSAR PIMENTEL is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist working both with traditional and new media. A graduated advertising designer, he has also specialized in photography, digital painting, sketching. His professional and artistic activities stretch across various fields – art director in advertising agencies, photographer, author of the book ‘The Boys of Espírito Santo: The New Identity of Capixaba’. His works have been exhibited in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vitoria, Mexico City, Porto, Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna. He is the author of the project “Romaram” which combines photography, music, poetry, and performance.


Breakwater Talks: Български (Bulgarian) 中文 (Chinese: Mandarin, Wu) English Español Filipino Français 日本語 (Japanese) 한국어 (Korean) Русский (Russian) Português Svenska

Breakwater Talks are public talks on a variety of topics by local and international presenters. We are aiming to create healthy discussion forums, exchange opinions, involve foreign diaspora, help improve fluency in a range of key languages, especially by young people. We have selected as venues the local spots which these languages and their cultures inhabit. Organised by Amorpha Youth Foundation and partners.



19732061_10213558376698035_2300792715034424746_n18486053_10213037945527581_6584121961608492392_nArtwork by Vitor Ferreira

14606526_10211536396551905_2584713635903080237_nArtwork by César Pimentel

20375806_10213837795603333_7755093005992219698_nArtwork by Vitor Ferreira


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