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Amorpha Youth Foundation and Korean Food “Kimbap” present:
Breakwater Talks : 한국어 & English Български


Host: Anita Bachvarova, Business Administration graduate from Kyung Hee University 경희대학교 in Seoul, Korea

Languages (езици): 한국어, English, Български
Venue: Korean Food Kimbap – 28 Dragoman Street / Varna, Bulgaria
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○ Is a good university degree enough to succeed: education and business
○ What is right and what is wrong in business: business ethics
○ Career or personal life
○ Be your own boss or win a corporate job
○ South Korea: world leader in innovation



Guest speaker:

Anita Bachvarova (26 years) was born in Varna, Bulgaria. In 2012 she applied successfully and enrolled in the Korean Studies bachelor programme at Sofia University. She soon won a scholarship to study at the famous Kyung Hee University (경희대학교) in Korea.
In Seoul she studied Korean and completed a bachelor degree in Business Administration at Kyung Hee University. After 4.5 years in South Korea, she decided to return to Bulgaria to join the local labour market. Her short-term plan is to return to East Asia to pursue a master degree in her professional field.


Photo: Korean Afternoon 2018 hosted by Anita Bachvarova. By Alexander Lazarov.
Cover photo:
South Korean actor Park Seo Joon as vice-chairman Lee Young Joon in the highly popular TVN drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” (2018)


Breakwater Talks: Български (Bulgarian) 中文 (Chinese: Mandarin, Wu) English Español Filipino Français 日本語 (Japanese) 한국어 (Korean) Русский (Russian) Português

Public talks on a variety of topics by local and foreign presenters. We are aiming to create healthy discussion forums, exchange opinions, involve foreign diaspora, help improve fluency in a range of key languages, especially by young people. We have selected as venues the local spots which these languages and their cultures inhabit. Organised by Amorpha Youth Foundation and partners.

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