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Breakwater Talks return for a new extended series enriched by a stronger and diverse cultural context due to the accompanying art events. In the upcoming first edition dedicated to Japanese language and culture, we have invited Ms Masako Nagano Georgieva, part of the local foreign diaspora, as a guest speaker and artist to talk about contemporary art in Japan and open her solo exhibition and mural currently in progress on the courtyard exterior of our hosts, contemporary space. The opening will be accompanied by Japanese music intervention by Nicka Fukita JP/BG/RU and followed by Japan Music Fusion Live after the talk.

JAPANESE CONTEMPORARY ART with Ms Masako Nagano Georgieva
5-6 October 2018 in Varna, Bulgaria
Contemporary space – 23 Marko Balabanov Street

5 October 2018
Official Opening of Solo Exhibition and Mural by Masako Nagano Georgieva (5-6 Oct)
18:00 – 19:00 h
Breakwater Talks: 日本語 English Български : Guest speaker: Masako Nagano Georgieva :
Topic: Contemporary Art Museums in Japan
19:00 – 20:30 h
Japanese Music Fusion
20:30 – 24:00 h

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Free Entrance

Breakwater Talks : 日本語 English Български
Topic: Contemporary Art Museums in Japan
Guest speaker: Masako Nagano Georgieva, Japan
Languages: English, Bulgarian, 日本語 (Japanese)


Solo Exhibition ‘Essence of Colour’ by Masako Nagano Georgieva
Mural ‘Time in the Universe’ by Masako Nagano Georgieva
Opening 18:00 – 19:00 h, 5 Oct
Available for viewing until 22:00 h, 6 Oct
Accompanying Japanese music selection by Nicka Fukita, BG/JP/RU

The Lobby of Contemporary Space will host the ‘Essence of Colour’ solo exhibition by Japanese artist Masako Nagano Georgieva on 5-6 October. The artist has been living and working in the Bulgarian city of Varna for the past year.
Characteristic of her recent artwork are objects and phenomena portrayed in unusual, strong and dynamic colours organised by narratives referring to nature and architecture as well as the four seasons, which hold a key place in Japanese sensitivity and aesthetics. Masako’s works insist on the existence of a beautiful, fantasy side to everything encountered in real life. Among the artists who have influenced her is Yoshitomo Nara, one of the leading artists of Japan’s influential Neo Pop art since the 1990s well-known for his depictions of children and animals.
The opportunity to assist Peter McDonald, a Japanese/English artist who won the 2008 John Moores Painting Prize, in the creation of his 70-metre mural painting in the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan, has had a long-lasting impact on her ideas and technique. In addition to the exhibition of her paintings and drawings, the artist will also present her mural entitled ‘Time In The Universe’ currently in progress on a section of the gallery’s exterior space.



Artist name: Masako Georgieva/ Masako Nagano (長野雅子)
Born in 1986, Aichi, Japan
2005 Fine Art Course, Asahigaoka Highschool, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine Art, Oil Painting Course, Kanazawa College of Art, Japan
2010 “Ueno no Mori Museum Grand Prix”, Art Competition, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2013 “Christmas Exhibition”, Art Center Pleven, Pleven, Bulgaria
2014 “Art for the Heart”, Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2005年 愛知県立旭丘高等学校 美術科卒業
2009年 金沢市立美術工芸大学 美術工芸学部油画科卒業

Cover photo: Chichu Art Museum 地中美術館. Location: Naoshima Island, Japan.
Architect: Tadao Ando. Born in Osaka, 1941. Established Tadao Ando Architect & Associates in 1969. Architect and Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo. Recipient of many Japanese and international awards, including the Gold Medal of UIA (International Union of Architects, 2005) and the Pritzker Architecture Prize (1995).

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