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Amorpha Youth Foundation and Korean Food “Kimbap” present:
Breakwater Talks : 한국어 Korean & Bulgarian

Topic: Student Life in Korea: Dedicated Studies and Plenty of Entertainment Activites

Host: Anita Bachvarova, Business Administration graduate from Kyung Hee University 경희대학교 in Seoul, Korea
Date: 11 July 2018, Wednesday
Time: 19:00 – 20:30 h (EET, UTC+02:00)
Venue: Korean Food “Kimbap” – 28 Dragoman Street, Varna Bulgaria
Event page Make sure you book a seat in advance by messaging us on Facebook at Amorpha Youth Foundation or DMing us on Instagram @amorphayouth.

Due to the successful first edition of the talk on this topic and the fact that we had to refuse several people who arrived without prebooking and whom we had no free seats to accommodate, we decided to organise a second edition. We are welcoming once again all questions you are willing to ask in the course of our meeting. Following the previous interaction, we expect many practical questions concerning university choice, recommended programmes and degrees, visa issues, funding, lectures and exams, on- and off-campus accommodation, city transportation, discounts, entartainment in the city, studying with friends, etc.

STUDENT LIFE IN KOREA: Dedicated Studies and Plenty of Entertainment Activites
○ What is it like being a student in Korea – intense lectures, short exam sessions
○ ‘Star’ University Kyung Hee – most popular university programmes, famous / idol alumni and ongoing students
○ Korea’s top universities, or the so called “SKY Universities”; competition among them and among students to get a place in them
○ The importance of successful university enrolment for young Koreans compared to their Bulgarian peers
○ University festivals and extracurricular activities to help students relax during their intense studies
○ Entertainment and fun activities favoured by Korean students in the huge and richly international capital Seoul



Anita Bachvarova (25 years) was born in Varna, Bulgaria. While still in high-school, she discovered and fell in love with music videos of famous Korean pop artists such as Super Junior и Girls’ Generation. The emotional encounter started her passion for K-pop, Korean language, and soon for Korean culture itself. In 2012 she applied successfully and enrolled in the Korean Studies bachelor programme at Sofia University. When in the first semester the department annuounced a scholarship competition for a full bachelor programme at the famous Kyung Hee University (경희대학교) in Korea, she applied and won.

In December 2013 Anita began her student life in South Korea’s capital, Seoul. The first six months were fully dedicated to studying the Korean language, so that in the following autumn she could start her bachelor studies in Business Administration. Thus, she spent 4 and a half years far from her home country enjoying Korean student life which may be very different in some ways from that of her peers in Bulgaria.


‘At first it was hard getting used to intense studying and the tough competition with other students which is something rarely discussed but always in the air. In time, it was exactly these challenges that helped me grow as a person and taught me to demand and expect more from myself.’


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