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Amorpha Youth Foundation in partnership with Secondary School of Humanities and Arts “Konstantin Preslavski” located in the city of Varna, Bulgaria, invite all students at the school to Korean Afternoon mini-festival at the school hall on 27 June 2018. Professionals and artists will present various aspects of Korean culture together with young people from the school and their friends.

On the agenda:
KPOP DANCE with dance crews The Center, QTS, and The 7th Sense
Korean Cuisine with Korean Restaurant “Kimbap” and Polly Nikolova (student at the school)
Youth styling and make-up trends with Evanina Bozhanova and the KPOP dancers
Personal stories of adventure in South Korea with Anita Bachvarova and Alexandra Mihova (student at the school)
Lesson in Korean Language with Madlen Atanasova, Korean Studies graduate from Sofia University
Misic: Karaoke 노래방 / Noraebang
Korean games with Varna Games
Dance challenge: Random dance play

Anita Bachvarova, Bachelor in Business Administration from Kyung Hee University (경희대학교) in Seoul, Republic of Korea
Nikola Boev, 11 year student at the Secondary School of Humanities and Arts in Varna, Bulgaria

QTS kpop dance crew:
Betina Astikova, Maria-Polina Mincheva, Amanda Koleva, Denitsa Kovilina

The 7th Sense kpop dance crew:
Dilyana Yordanova, Michael Genao, Shenai Shen, Simona Dzhurova, Ognyana Ivanova

The Center World:
Mariela ELLE Stancheva, choreographer

Read more about this initiative by Amorpha Youth Foundation at KOREAN AFTERNOON on our website.

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