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Amorpha Youth Foundation and Korean Food “Kimbap” present:
Breakwater Talks : 한국어 Korean Bulgarian English

Topic: Korea beauty culture – values and care. Feminism and the #MeToo campaign in South Korea. Intersections.

Host: Madlen Atanasova, Korean cultural studies graduate
Special video guest from Seoul, South Korea

Date : 31 May 2018, Thursday
Time: 19:00 – 20:30 h (EET, UTC+02:00)
Venue: Korean Food “Kimbap” – 28 Dragoman Street, Varna Bulgaria
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Beauty is an important value in South Korea and the rest of the world easiy associates one with the other. Beauty culture has gradually earned the country a leadership position in terms of beauty product and care routines. Nowadays, South Korea contributes to the foremost trends in beauty culture, make-up and overall personal outlook.

At the same time, recently there has been a growing dissatisfaction with common attitudes towards women who are treated as aesthetic objects and their acception is conditioned by their appearance. We will look into the distinctive features of South Korean feminism at the present moment and discuss the importance of some recent cases and events with which South Korean women have joined the global MeToo movement against sexual harassement towards women based on professional and social hierarchy.

We would like to explore together with the audience the intersections of these two trends among young women and girls in South Korea and draw a parallel to the situation in Bulgaria.

To get a first-hand experience of what some South Korean women really think about these issues, we will speak online to a special guest based in Seoul, South Korea. She is a freelance writer who specialised in culture and literature and used to work at a Korean government facility. In her work, she has met over 1,000 Koreans – from rich to poor, from scient to priest, famous or non-famous people.


„Up to now in my work I have met over 1,000 Koreans – from rich to poor, from scient to priest, famous to non-famous. I have a big interest in human rights. I can feel that in Korea something is changing.


Our Bulgarian host, Madlen Atanasova (23 years), became a fan of South Korean music and drama while still in high-school. This passion together with her love of languages motivated her to leave her home town, Varna, to pursue a degree Korean Studies at Sofia University. She graduated successfully in the spring of 2016 as Korean Philologist and Korean Studies specialist.


Jung Yeon-je AFP Getty ImagesIMAGE COURTESY : Jung Yeon-je AFP / Getty Images


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