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Amorpha Youth Foundation and My Café together with Colibri Publishers and Suggestopedi Svenska Language Centre present the second edition of Breakwater Talks : Literature:

SWEDISH LITERATURE : David Lagercrantz : Svensk litteratur

Hosts: Julia Petkova – editor and PR, Colibri Publishers, and Polina Nikolova – Scandinavian studies specialist with focus on Swedish and Danish culture and language, founder and suggestopedia teacher at Suggestopedi Svenska Language Centre
Date: 4 January 2017, Thursday, 19:00 – 20:30 h
Venue: My Café at Ciela Bookshop – 2 Slivnitsa Blvd., Varna/Bulgaria
Language: talk in Bulgarian, book reading in Bulgarian and Swedish
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SWEDISH LITERATURE : The new novel by David Lagercrantz – The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye sixth book in the Millenium series – in the context of Swedish culture and the current social setting. Discussion on issues raised in the novel, sociocultural interpretations, and a bilingual reading from the novel in Swedish as its original language and in Bulgarian.
About the Bulgarian edition: title „Мъжът, който търсеше сянката си”, translated by Lyubomir Gizdov, Colibri Publishers, December 2017

*The organisers use the opportunity presented by this event to congratulate Sofia University’s Scandinavian Studies programme on the occasion of their 25th anniversary in 2017/2018 academic year and its contribution to promoting intercultural understanding and knowledge of Scandinavian cultures in Bulgaria.*


Photo by Cato LeinPhoto: Cato Lein

About the author

David Lagercrantz (b. 1962) is a Swedish writer and journalist. He studied philosophy and religion and attended the School of Journalism in Gothenburg. Until 1993, he worked for the Expressen, a national daily paper, where he covered some major crime stories. Lagercrantz made his debut as an author in 1997 with Ultimate High, the story of Swedish adventurer Göran Kropp, who climbed Mount Everest without oxygen tanks or sherpas the week after one of the most tragic disasters on the mountain. The book became a success in Sweden and abroad. I am Zlatan Ibrahimović, written by Lagercrantz in collaboration with the Swedish football star, was published in 2011 and marked his major international success. In December 2013 David Lagercrantz signed a contract with the Swedish publishing house Norstedts and Moggliden AB, the company that oversees Stieg Larsson’s literary estate, to write a new instalment in Larsson’s Millennium crime fiction series featuring leading character Lisbeth Salander. The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye, Lagercrantz’s second novel in the series (following The Girl in the Spider’s Web) and fifth in the Millenium series was published in Sweden in September 2017 and translated and published in Bulgaria by Colibri Publishers in December 2017.





Ungdomsorganisationen “Amorpha” och Caféet ”My Café” i samarbete med förlagshuset ”Colibri” och språkskolan ”Suggestopedi Svenska” arrangerar debattseriens andra träff ”Breakwater Talks – Litteratur”.

SVENSK LITTERATUR : David Lagercrantz

Moderatorer: Julia Petkova – textredaktör, PR och Pavlina Nikolova –magisterexamen inom huvudområdet skandinavistik vid Sofias Universitet, suggestopedilärare.
Svensk litteratur: Vi ska presentera den nya romanen ”Mannen som sökte sin skugga”, skriven av David Lagercrantz, ansett vara en fortsättning på Millennium-serien. Utvalda avsnitt ur den nyutkomna boken kommer att läsas upp både på svenska och bulgariska. Vi inleder en diskussion om teman som berörs i romanen.
Evengemanget ska hållas på bulgariska med uppläsning av utvalda avsnitt ur romanen på svenska.
Evengemanget är en hälsning till Institutionen för Skandinavistik vid Sofias Universitet, som under läsåret 2017-18 firar sitt 25 års jubileum med följande slogan: ”Bulgarien och Skandinavien – en dialog mellan länder och kulturer”.
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Lisbeth-Salander-h5Photo: Swedish actress Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander in Millennium, a Swedish six-part television miniseries based on the Millenium trilogy

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