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Amorpha Youth Foundation presents Ikebana Sōgetsu Workshop with Oksana Shtyk, certified teacher of ikebana in Japan.

Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement. The Japanese name 生け花 translates literally as ‘living flowers’ or ‘giving life to flowers’. This event aims to introduce more people in the local community to the philosophy and practices of Japanese culture by presenting its characteristic aesthetic. The Sōgetsu School of Ikebana is a 20-century contemporary style in the Japanese floral art associated with the name of its founder, Sōfu Teshigahara. Its distinctive feature is a considerable latitude to work with various materials to express the spirit of the moment.

We will prepare arrangments conveying the mood of upcoming New Year celebrations. Each participant will then design their own arrangement which they can keep and use to decorate their home.



When: 23 December 2017, Saturday, from 10:00 till 11:30 h
Where: Caffeine Coffee Shop – 95 Vlasidslav Varnenchik Bldv. in Varna, Bulgaria
Language: Bulgarian, English, Russian

The café we have selected as venue for the workshop is a cosy space owned by a young American-Bulgarian couple. It is located within the city centre, opposite McDrive.


Number of participants: 6. Participants are charged only the cost of the materials necessary for the workshop (flowers as selected by the tutor). There is no additional fee.

Cost of materials / flowers: 20 lv
*Bring your own vessel / vase, container to use in your flower arrangement and then bring back home to decorate your house.
Cost of materials/ flowers plus vessel: 25 lv
*If you have no suitable vessel, we will select one for your arrangement from the flower shop. You can keep the arrangement with vessel and use it to decorate your home.

Please confirm your participation by paying in advance at Flower Shop ‘The Jungle’ conveniently located in the city centre at 19 Odessos Stret (next to the subway at Shipka Street) in Varna, Bulgaria.



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