Breakwater Talks: 日本語 Japanese & Bulgarian : The Ways Of Relaxation In Japan

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Amorpha Youth Foundation and Varna Games present:
Breakwater Talks : 日本語 Japanese & Bulgarian


Topic: The Ways Of Relaxation In Japan

Host: Uliana Fukatsu

Date : 21/12/2017, Thursday
Time: 19:00 h, duration 1 h 30 min
Venue: Varna Games – 10 Kotel Street, Varna Bulgaria
Entrance: FREE
*Cover photo by Kenji Baba displaying Nyutō Onsenkyō Tsurunoyu Onsen, or Milky Onsen in Deep Snow


In December, the month of unstopping celebrations, we will be discovering Japanese people’s favourite relaxation spots and experiences. Famous for their repsect for inner peace and successful practices to regain inner balance, the Japanese are also known for dedicating long hours to studying and, once employed, working themselves to death. We will explore this complex picture by means of stories, photos, music and video from various hidden corners and interesting activities throughout the island country, discussing:
○ ryokan (旅館), onsen (温泉), cultural ceremonies, spiritual practices
○ music, food, karaoke, clothes, walks
○ staying close to nature in the heart of the city
○ peaceful places outside the big city to enjoy beautiul nature
○ big holiday celebrations and magnificent festivals
○ favourite places of relaxation for Japanese locals


About the host
Uliana Fukatsum, 15 years, is of mixed Japanese and Russian origin. She moved to Bulgaria with her Japanese father, her Russian mother and her siblings in 2016. Earlier, while still living in Russia, the family used to spend their summer holidays in Japan every year. At age 13, Uliana relocated to Japan and enrolled in a Japanese public school. During the time spent in Japan, the familiy travelled through different parts of the country to experience more of the father’s culture. Hence, similarly to visitors to Japan, they spent more time on travel and exploration than other families permanently residing in the country. Yet, the family visited places favoured by local Japanese people, while unknown to tourists, treasured spots and experiences which allow for genuine relaxation, Japanese style.



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