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We are launching the first edition of Breakwater Talks at School this month!

Breakwater Talks at School is an in-class discussion activity introducing interesting and crosscutting topics for one-time discussions in a subject of the school curruculum. The topics will be presented by one of the guest-speakers in the public Breakwater Talks, and in different languages.

In the first and upcoming edition, our guest speaker will be Mr Sergey Badaev*. The talk will take place in the Philosophy class of Ms Rositsa Todorova, teacher in Philosophy and Ethics.

Time: 23 November 2017, Thursday, 12:35 – 13:20 h
Place: High-school of Humanities and the Arts “Konstantin Preslavski” – Varna, Bulgaria
Subject: Philosophy
Class: 11 a

Topic: Philosophy of Mind and Artificial Intelligence

(1) Mind-body problem. What is consciousness?
(2) What is intelligence? What is artificial intelligence?
(3) AI and ethics.
Language: English
Language assistance BG/RU/EN by Ms Uliana Fukatsu, international student at the highschool.


About the guest speaker:
Sergey Badaev was born in Moscow. He graduated from Moscow University, biological department in 1979. During “perestroika” he changed his occupation from scientific researches to education and was one of the founders of an independent school in Moscow. Since then he has been teaching English for more than 25 years. His main area of interest is philosophy, religion and psychology. Sergey is a former chairman of Moscow Humanist Centre.


“Breakwater Talks in School” is part of the larger public discussion series Breakwater Talks. The series invites guest speakers of various expertise for moderated talks in topics discussed in the languages: Български (Bulgarian) English Español Français 日本語 (Japanese) 한국어 (Korean) Русский (Russian) Português.

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