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Amorpha aims to broaden the forum of shared knowledge, self-expression and new ideas by young people





On 21 March 2016, our team established Amorpha Youth Foundation as a non-profit for public benefit. The foundation is a turning point in our rich prior experience of seven years as a non-formal group active at the grassroots level and drawing on international collaboration, lobbying locally in favour of sustainable youth policies and youth empowerment and sharing good practice.

Аs a youth foundation, Amorpha creates a forum for strategic initiatives to strengthen the capacity of young people in view of the diverse spheres of their professional development, education and interests. Growing out of what we have achieved by the seventh year of our existence as Amorpha Youth Group, we capitalise on our considerable body of work and take a step further. Amorpha Youth Foundation to handle larger-scale projects and increase international partnerships. A mid-term objective is to adopt the additional but key role of a good practice selector/promoter and grant-giving body to other horizontally structured, non-formal and distance working groups of young people contributing to community development.

During the first year of its existence, the foundation has affirmed its collaboration with local public and private schools both inside and outside the school curriculum. Some of the initiatives are an ongoing multicultural programme with the International French School in Varna, a regular weekly discussion series Breakwater Talks in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean and Bulgarian at various urban venues (including owned by local foreign diaspora), a large scale international event dedicated to world literatures and their languages, a fund-raising campaign to support community ideas by multicultural groups of young people, etc.



Named and launched on 25 January 2009 and with activities already taking place a year earlier, Amorpha Youth Group is a non-formal group of young people who are self-organised and develop and implement initiatives and events in the public sphere. The focus of the group’s activities is capacity building in young people understood as supporting other young people in processes such as coming to terms with one’s identity and skills, knowledge and interests; personal (emotional and intellectual) development; support in professional orientation; support and motivation to take initiative and responsibility, implement ideas, organise activities, work within team and with community actors of different age and status; grow, share and transfer know-how to others. Amorpha has a core team of individuals joined by some up to 10 other young people assuming responsibility in activities according to their capacity and area of interest and capable of attracting others to participate in activities according to subculture. Amorpha considers its grassroots, bottom-up approach a conscious and beneficial choice to stay close to the community and issues faced by young people. This shapes its opinions on current youth and related public policies at local and European level.