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This interview presents the young host in the Colombian edition of Ville Multiculturelle : Multicultural City, a joint  project by Amorpha Youth Foundation and EFIV International French School in Varna. The young interviewer, Stela Nacheva, is a 13 years old student at the French school. Her objective is to meet and speak to the young host so that her fellow students learn more about him before the multicultural event dedicated to Colombian culture, history, geography and cuisine on 29 November 2016. This is the first official interview that Stela has done, and she is supported by Maria and Karolina of the Amorpha team. The interview is originally conducted in Spanish, English and Bulgarian. The English version is written by Stela Nacheva.


What’s your name?
Miyer Adrian Ventero.

And how old are you?
I’m 14.

What school do you go to?
In the 4th high school.

OK and why did you come to Bulgaria?
Because of family reasons.

Would you like to be a celebrity and why?
No because fame isn’t for me.

Would you like to go back to Colombia later?
Yes to visit my family to be with my old friends.

And which book or movie describes your life the best?
Ummm I don’t know.

What is your favourite movie or book?
My favourite movies and books are Harry Potter.

Do you do any sport?
I do basketball.

Ah and have you been in a basketball team?
Mmm no!

And you, Stela, do you do any sports?
I used to do rhythmic gymnastics but I stopped not long ago.
What is your favourite food Adrian?
I don’t know.

And what about music do you have a favourite singer or band?
Yes I like the rock in Spanish. And what kind of music do you like?

Ohh I like Halsey. Do you play a musical instrument?
No not for the moment.

You said you like basketball so you have a favourite basketball player?
Yes I like Michael Jordan.

How long have you been in Varna?
I have been here for six months.

And what is your favourite place in Varna?
My favourite place here in Varna is the Sea Garden.

And can you describe your favourite place to go out back in Colombia?
My favourite place in Colombia is in my city. It is „cañon del combeima“, it’s so beautiful to go there.

And what is your favourite thing about Colombia?
I love that it’s a tropical country and it has lots of fruit, fauna and flora, the trees, the flowers.

What is the traditional Colombian music like?
It is instrumental music but it depends on the regions.

Where are you from in Colombia?
I lived in Ibague. It is called the Colombian capital of music.

Are there a lot of festivals there?
Yes in Ibague there is a festival which lasts a whole week and we celebrate it in schools and the whole city. In this festival we show parents and teachers typical Colombian food, songs and dances. We do something like a march. Teachers elect a queen and then they present a typical dance.

So you can show us a dance?
No hahaha.

What us your favourite Colombian dish?
Bandeja paisa which is a typical food with rice, beans, avocado and chorizo. If one day you have the opportunity to taste it take this opportunity.

How is school different?
Oh the schools are very different. In Colombia and Bulgaria private schools are expensive but here people prefer going to public schools because it is the same. And in Colombia we have school until the 11th grade and here it is until the 12th grade.

Where do you like going out in Colombia after school?
In Colombia the situation is a little difficult. It’s not easy to do things like going out in the park because of a group of terrorists and the problem is that Venezuela’s president leaves them go to Venezuela and the police cannot do nothing because it is not Colombian territory.


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